Specific Battles

Easter Rising

  • The Rising Ireland: Easter 1916 by Fearghal McGarry
  • Easter 1916: The Irish Rebellion by Charles Townshend
  • The Reaction of Irish Officers in the British Army to the Easter Rising of 1916 by Jane Leonard
  • Between Trauma and Triumphalism: The Easter Rising, The Somme, and the Crux of Deep Memory in Modern Ireland by Guy Beiner


  • The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916 by Alistair Horne
  • German Strategy and the Path to Verdun by Robert T. Foley
  • Verdun: The Lost History of the most Important Battle of World War 1 by John Mosier
  • Verdun: The Longest Battle of the Great War by Paul Jankowski


  • The Somme: The Darkest Hour on the Western Front by Peter Hart
  • The Somme by Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson
  • The First Day on the Somme by Martin Middlebrook
  • Somme by Lyn MacDonald
  • Through German Eyes: The British and the Somme 1916 by Christopher Duffy
  • The German Army on the Somme: 1914-1916 by Jack Sheldon
  • Three Armies on the Somme by William Philpott
  • The British Air Campaign During the Battle of the Somme April-November 1916: A Pyrrhic Victory by Thomas Bradbeer
  • Zero Hour: First Day on the Somme by Andrew Roberts

Romanian Front

  • The Romanian Battlefront in World War 1 by Glenn Torrey
  • Romania and the Belligerents 1914-1916 by Glenn E. Torrey
  • Indifference and Mistrust: Russian-Romanian Collaboration in the Campaign of 1916 by Glenn Toreey
  • Romania in the First World War: The Years of Neutrality, 1914-1916 by V. N. Vinogradov
  • Hindenburg, Ludendorff, and Rumania by Martin Kitchen
  • For God and Kaiser: The Imperial Austrian Army, 1619-1918 by Richard Bassett

Third Ypres/Passchendaele

  • Passchendaele and the Royal Navy by Andrew A. Wiest
  • Passchendaele: The Untold Story by Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson
  • The Ghost in the Machine: The Creation of the Passchendaele Offensive, 1917 by Derek R. Bechthold
  • Haig’s Abortive Amphibious Assault on Belgium, 1917 by Andrew West
  • How Myths Grow-Passchendaele by B.H. Liddell Hart
  • The German Army at Passchendaele by Jack Sheldon
  • The Evolution of British Strategy and Tactics on the Western Front in 1918: GHQ, Manpower, and Technology by Tim Travers

German Spring Offensives 1918

  • The Kaiser’s Battle by Martin Middlebrook
  • The Real Controller of the Battle: The Importance of Studying Tactical Battalion Command – A Case Study by William Westerman
  • Sir Robert Borden, Lloyd George, and British Military Policy 1917-1918 by George L. Cook
  • General Ferdinand Foch and Unified Allied Command in 1918 by Elizabeth Greenhalgh
  • The Evolution of Strategic Thinking in WW1 Second Battle of the Marne by Michael Neiberg
  • Myth and Memory: Sir Douglas Haig and the Imposition of Allied Unified Command in March 1918 by Elizabeth Greenhalgh
  • To the Last Man: Spring 1918 by Lyn MacDonald
  • With Our Backs to the Wall Victory and Defeat in 1918 by David Stevenson

The 100 Days

  • Hundred Days: The Campaign that Ended World War I by Nick Lloyd
  • Tanks in the Hundred Days 1918 - A Diminishing Resource by Roger Blaber
  • The Day We Won the War: Turning Point at Amiens by Charles Messenger
  • Forty-Seven Days: How Pershing’s Warriors Came of Age to Defeat the German Army in World War I by Mitchell Yockelson
  • To Conquer Hell: The Meuse-Argonne, 1918 The Epic Battle That Ended the First World War by Edward G. Lengel

East Africa

  • General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck’s East Africa Campaign: Maneuver Warfare on the Serengeti by F. Jon Nesselhuf
  • When Elephants Clash: A Critical Analysis of Major General Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck in the East African Theater of the Great War by Thomas A. Crowson
  • World War I: The African Front: An Imperial War on the Dark Continent by Edward Paice

Russian Civil War

  • A People’s Tragedy The Russian Revolution 1891-1924 by Orlando Figes
  • The Anglo-Soviet Trade Agreement, March 1921 by M.V. Glenny
  • Behind the Front Lines of the Civil War: Political Parties and Social Movments in Russia, 1918-1922 by Vladimir N. Brovkin
  • Civil War in Europe, 1905-1945 by Stanley G. Payne
  • Civil War in South Russia, 1918 by Peter Kenez
  • Communism and the East: The Baku Congress, 1920 by Stephen White
  • The Eastern Front 1914-1920: From Tannenberg to the Russo-Polish War by Michael S. Neiberg & David Jordan
  • Episodes from the Early Cold War: Franco-Soviet Relations, 1917-1927 by Michael Jabara Carley
  • Harmonicas for Lenin? The Development of German Economic Policy Toward Soviet Russia December 1918 - June 1919 by Robert Himmer
  • Red Advance White Defeat Civil War in South Russia 1919-1921 by Peter Kenez
  • Arkhangel’sk, 1918: Regionalism and Populism in the Russian Civil War by Yanni Kotsonis
  • Russia and Europe: Diplomacy, Revolution, and Economic Development in the 1920s by Teddy J. Uldricks
  • Soviet Policy Toward Germany during the Russo-Polish War, 1920 by Robert Himmer
  • The Russian Revolution 1917-1921 by William Henry Chamberlin
  • The Problem with Generals: Military Observers and the Origins of the Interventionin Russia and Persia, 1917-1918 by Brock Millman
  • The Political Significance of German-Soviet Trade Negotiations, 1922-5 by R.P Morgan
  • The “Russian” Civil War, 1916-1926: Ten Years That Shook the World by Jonathan D. Smele
  • The Transition from War Communism to the New Economic Policy: An Analysis of Stalin’s Views by Robert Himmer
  • Why Did the Communists Win or Lose? A Comparative Analysis of the Revolutionary Civil Wars in Russia, Finland, Spain, and China by Pavel Osinsky and Jari Eloranta
  • The Russian Civil War by Evan Mawdsley

Polish-Soviet War

  • The Entente and the Polish Question 1914-1916 by Alfred Erich Senn
  • Soviet-Polish Relations, 1919-1921 by Kirsteen Davina Croll
  • The Polish-Soviet Campaign of 1920 by Marjan Kukiel (1929)
  • Polish-Czechoslovak Relations, 1918-1922 by Zygmunt J. Gasiorowski
  • Poland’s Policy towards Soviet Russia, 1921-1922 by Zygmunt J. Gąsiorowski
  • The Military Thought of Władysław Sikorsk by Robert M. Ponichtera
  • The Politics of Anti-Bolshevism: The French Government and the Russo-Polish War, December 1919 to May 1920 by Michael Jabara Carley
  • Hands off Russia: British Labour and the Russo-Polish War, 1920 by L.J. Macfarlane
  • Britain and the Russo-Polish Frontier, 1919-1921 by H.J. Elcock
  • Lord D’Abernon, the Anglo-French Mission, and the Battle of Warsaw, 1920 by F. Russell Bryant
  • Warsaw 1920: Lenin’s Failed Conquest of Europe by Adam Zamoyski
  • White Eagle, Red Star: The Polish-Soviet War 1919-20 by Norman Davies
  • Anti-Bolshevism in French Foreign Policy: The Crisis in Poland in 1920 by Michael Jabara Carley

Finnish Civil War

  • The Splintered Empires: The Eastern Front 1917–21 by Prit Buttar
  • From Grand Duchy to a Modern State: A Political History of Finland since 1809 by Osmo Jussila, Seppo Hentila, and Jukka Nevakivi
  • State and Revolution in Finland by Risto Alapuro
  • Civil Wars, Revolutions and Counterrevolutions in Finland, Spain, and Greece (1918-1949): A Comparative Analysis by Julian Casanova
  • The Finnish Army, 1881-1901: A National Force in a Russian Context by J.E.O. Screen
  • Finnish Military Politics between the Two World Wars by William J. Stover
  • The Finnish Social Democratic Party and the Bolshevik by David Kirby (1976)
  • The German Expedition to Finland, 1918 by A. Harding Ganz
  • Polish-Finnish cooperation in border-state policy, 1919–1922 by Kalervo Hovi
  • The Problem of Generations in Finnish Communism by Marvin Rintala
  • Russia and the Origins of the Finnish Civil War of 1918 by C. Jay Smith Jr.
  • Social Conditions for Political Violence: Red and White Terror in the Finnish Civil War of 1918 by Sirkka Arosalo
  • The Finnish Civil War 1918: History, Memory, and Legacy Edited by Tuomas Tepora and Aapo Roselius

Baltic States

  • The Splintered Empires: The Eastern Front 1917–21 by Prit Buttar
  • The Baltic States The Years of Independence: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 1917-1940 by George Von Rauch
  • The Baltic Germans and German Policy towards Latvia after 1918 by J.W. Hiden
  • The Baltic States: The National Self-Determination of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Edited by Graham Smith
  • The Baltic States and Weimar Ostpolitick by John Hiden
  • Defending National Sovereignty Against two Russias: Estonia in the Russian Civil War, 1918-1920 by Karsten Bruggemann
  • The Formation of the Lithuanian Foreign Office, 1918-1921 by Alfred Erich Senn
  • German freecorps in the Baltic, 1918-1919 by Charles L. Sullivan
  • National Communism and World Revolution: The Political Consequences of German Military Withdrawal from the Baltic Area in 1918-19 by James D. White
  • The Lithuanian Card in Russian Policy, 1914-1917 by Raimundas Lopata
  • Soviet Policy Toward the Baltic States 1918-1940 by Albert N. Tarulis (1959)
  • The Baltic Nations and Europe: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in the Twentieth Century by John Hiden and Patrick Salmon

Greco-Turkish War

  • Paradise Lost: Smryna 1922: The Destruction of a Christian City in the Islamic World by Giles Milton
  • Ataturk, Lloyd George and the Megali Idea: Cause and Consequence of the Greek Plan to Seize Constantinople from the Allies, June-August 1922 by Michael M. Finefrock
  • Great Britain and the Greco-Turkish War, 1912-1922 by Karl G. Larew
  • The Greco-Turkish War, 1920-1922 by Peter Kincaid Jensen
  • United States Naval Detachment in Turkish Waters, 1919-1924 by Henry P. Beers (1943)
  • Ataturk: Rebirth of a Nation by Andrew Mango
  • Atatürk: The Biography by Kinross, Patrick

Iraq and Egyptian Revolts

  • The 1920 Revolt in Iraq Reconsidered: The Role of Tribes in National Politics by Amal Vinogradov
  • ‘A Tedious and Perilous Controversy’: Britain and the Settlement of the Mosul Dispute, 1918-1926 by Peter J. Beck
  • British Oil Policy in the Middle East 1919-1932 by Colin Davies
  • The British Press and the Future of Egypt, 1919-1922 by Michael B. Bishku
  • The Cambridge History of Egypt
  • Creating Nations, Establishing States: Ethno-Religious Heterogeneity and the British Creation of Iraq in 1919-23 by Guiditta Fontana
  • Did Britain Use Chemical Weapons in Mandatory Iraq? by R.M. Douglas
  • Enemy on the Euphrates: The Battle for Iraq, 1914 - 1921 by Ian Rutledge
  • Competing Narratives: Histories of the Women’s Movement in Iraq, 1910-58 by Noga Efrati
  • Labor Unrest in Egypt, 1906-90 by Donald Quataert
  • British Oil Policy in the Middle East 1919-1932 by Colin Davies
  • Ordinary Egyptians: Creating the Modern Nation Through Popular Culture by Ziad Fahmy
  • The Other ‘Awakening’ in Iraq: The Women’s Movement in the First Half of the Twentieth Century by Noga Efrati
  • Liminal Loyalties: Ottomanism and Palestinian Responses to the Turkish War of Independence, 1919-22 by Awad Halabi
  • Patters of the 1920 rising in Iraq: The Rifā’iyya ṭarīqa and Shiism by Thomas Eich
  • Peasants in Revolt - Egypt 1919 by Ellis Goldberg
  • Southern Kurdistan under Britain’s Mesopotamian Mandate: From Separation to Incorporation, 1920-23 by Saad Eskander
  • The Egyptian Revolution of 1919: New Directions in the Egyptian Economy by Robert L. Tignor
  • War and Occupation in Iraq: What Went Right? What Could Go Wrong? by Judith S. Yaphe

Irish Civil War

  • 1922: the Birth of Irish Democracy by Tom Gravin
  • Green Against Green – The Irish Civil War: A History of the Irish Civil War, 1922–1923 by Michael Hopkinson
  • A Short History of the Irish Revolution, 1912 to 1927: From the Ulster Crisis to the formation of the Irish Free State by Richard Killeen